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Trail rides melbourne1 Hour trail rides: We take you through the bush on this trail ride. No previous experience necessary as we teach you all the basics before we head off. Enjoy the great Australian bush land on top of a horse. How much better can it get!

2 Hour Trail rides: Our 2 Hour trail ride takes you to a beautiful ocean beach. We have lovely gentle horses so no riding experience is necessary. Enjoy the magnificent views from the sand dunes looking down onto the crashing waves. This truly is a one in a million trail ride and will stay close to your heart forever. If you are an experienced rider we will take you for a good canter along the beach! Feel the wind in your hair and the freedom of the open beach. We also take you through the bush on this trail ride where you will ride across meandering creeks and beautiful valleys.

Our Melbourne trail rides take place in the picturesque Fingal on Sandy road.

Trail riding a horse through the wilderness used to be a part of everyday life, now it’s a true luxury reserved for those lucky enough to have tried it! Although you don’t have to be an avid equestrian to indulge in horseback riding, Horse Riding Australia offers trail rides to anyone who wants to partake in the relaxing, yet playful, experience of riding a horse through the trails. For hours you will feel detached from reality as you ride a horse through the wilderness, the wind at your back and the sun up above, there’s no better feeling than that of riding a horse far away from the confines of an enclosed space. Explore a whole new world with the best tour guide around, a horse—of course!While riding a horse beneath the trees and through the trails is like nothing else, add in a group of your favourite friends alongside you, and you’ve got yourself the perfect day planned! Our trail rides are long and leisurely; enjoy hours of horse bonding, chitchat, and scenic views. The memories that you make out on the trails will stay with you for a lifetime; enjoying nature will take you out of your busy hectic world and offer you the pleasurable escape you’ve been craving. It really is nothing better than feeling the fresh air on top of a beautiful horse. If you haven’t tried it yet call us today for a great new experience. We offer trail rides for beginner and experienced rides. Everyone will benefit from this lovely activity.

Trail rides melbourneFor those that regularly ride, trails offer a new experience for horse and rider— by going exploring together the two of you can get to know each other in a different way. While riding in an enclosed arena we feel like we must be on our best behaviour– heels down, back straight, eyes forward! Yet, out on the trail is where we come alive, have some fun—live a little! Your horse feels it instantly, that deep breath you take when you step out onto the open trail, he soon will take one too, as you both enjoy the relaxing feeling of riding out free on the open trails.

Do Horses Enjoy Trail Rides? Horses enjoy trail rides just as much as people do! In fact, it’s a welcome break from the more rigid work performed in the arena—full of leg yields and half-halts! Horses get bored with the monotony of stable life, and the trail rides are a nice break offering a breath of fresh air. Trail rides are also a great source of exercise for horses, providing them with hills and slopes so that they can get their muscles working in new ways.


What Should I Bring? Surprisingly, you don’t need much to enjoy a stroll through the wild atop a horse! Besides making sure to wear closed toed shoes with a heel, you don’t need to worry about bringing much else, although the horses do have one special request…Carrots and apples are two treats horses can’t resist; bring some along for when you get back! Treats, along with hugs and pats, are a great way to thank any horse for all the fun and companionship they provide.


Is a Trail Ride Right For Me? Trail rides are perfect for anyone seeking a scenic adventure, either by themselves or with friends and family. With or without a horse of your own, if you like animals and enjoy being out in nature, you will certainly appreciate all that trail riding has to offer.

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