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riding lessons sydney1You can’t just hop on a horse and expect to know how to ride, yet remain safe doing so! Horse riding lessons are important for a number of reasons, they teach riders how to get along with a horse while they prefect form and riding style. Horses can become a dream best friend or a dangerous nightmare, depending on how you approach them, learning how to properly communicate with this intelligent animal is key to keeping yourself safe. Horse Riding Australia provides tools that benefit both horse and rider. We offer a variety of riding lessons, all specialized to fit your specific needs, goals, and skill level.

Beginner Riding Lessons

If we only taught our students how to mount a horse, hang on tight, and say ‘giddy up!’ we couldn’t call ourselves a riding school. In order to be a good all-around equestrian, you mustn’t only know how to ride, but how to care for a horse as well. This is why all riding lessons include grooming and saddling your own horse in hopes that your love for horses will only grow, one day perhaps sparking you to buy a horse of your own— and when that time comes, you’ll be glad you had a riding school show you everything, including how to pick out hoofs and how to put a saddle on. Even if you’ve never been around horses before, there’s no need to worry, we start at the bottom or meet you in the middle, depending upon your previous experience in the equine world. Become a respected equestrian, someone that not only knows how to ride a horse, but how to care for a horse as well.

Dressage Riding Lessons

Riding lessons sydneyIf you’re already practising turn-on-the-forehand, passage, and leg yields, beginner lessons are certainly not for you. While over time many advanced riders find their way out of regular lessons, no matter how advanced you are it’s recommended to at least take an occasional riding lesson. Unless you have a mirror, it’s impossible to watch yourself ride in real time; therefore it’s easy to unknowingly pick up bad habits that can throw a horse off. Without instruction these mistakes go unaddressed, creating further issues. Our large, sure- footed arenas allow riders complete concentration as they sync into harmony with their horse.

Show Jumping Riding Lessons

At Horse Riding Australia we also welcome those who delight in the thrill of sailing over fences. Jumping is extremely fun but it can also be extremely dangerous if not properly approached, both horse and rider must take the correct approach to avoid any unwanted injuries. Our jumping lessons provide a safe space to practice for varying levels of jumpers.

Private Vs. Group Lessons

Private lessons allow you to work one-on-one with a professional riding trainer, ensuring you get full attention the entire hour so that the most improvements can be made. At a discounted rate, we also offer group lessons, which are great for their own set of reasons, riding with similarly skilled equestrians will grant you the opportunity to watch, listen, and learn. Partaking in a combination of both private and shared riding lessons will teach you the most, allowing you to learn from both watching equal-level equestrians and also having that one-on-one time with a trainer.

If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to ask—we are dedicated to providing equestrian enthusiasts with everything they need to make the most of the worlds’ best sport!


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