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Gold Coast, Australia is largely unique and full of diversity, not only among the people and activities, but also in relation to the landscape. As if glittering beaches were not enough, Gold Coast also boasts lush rainforests, mountaintops galore, and many National Parks that sit picture-perfect.  Imagine yourself horseback riding through any one of these gorgeous landscapes, and then later you can play sports in the sand, perhaps watch a free show, all before checking out the night scene. Maybe instead you’d rather do an island tour during the day, and then go horseback riding at night—no mater what sounds ideal to you, we will make it a reality by planning your perfect Gold Coast Australia vacation.

The waters along the Gold Coast glisten a teal-blue, rocking back and forth against the pearly sand beach. The modern city that lies just behind these waters beckons with modern amenities, first class resorts, delicious eateries, and so much more, making this serene, yet fast-paced location, a popular attraction year after year. With so much to see and do it’s important that you don’t miss out on some of the most magnificent sights, here are some of our favourites!

Surfer’s Paradise
It is said that the bikini was born in this beach side paradise, where people from all over come to surf the perfect waves and enjoy the sun from the sand. In fact the waves are so good here that the popular competition, Quicksilver and Roxy Pro, is held along these shores.

Despite its name, there is more to do than simply wade in the water; Surfers Paradise is ready to please with some of the best tourist accommodations in the region! There are options for all budgets with a wide range of options from hotels to hostels. Perhaps you want to save some money for the excellent shopping available, the fashion culture here has really grown, now including some 120 venders who line the shores to sell locally crafted gifts, knick-knacks, and fashionable goods. Surfers Paradise is located a convenient 30 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport.

Bordering Surfer’s Paradise is yet another splurge of excitement, full of perky nightlife, and enough restaurants, cafes and shops to keep you fed and entertained forever is Broadbeach. If you are a food-buff this is a must to visit, find out why so many local restaurants have been granted awards for their excellent cuisine. Often times, Broadbeach is referred to as having a European feel about it; there is a lot to take in simply wandering down these streets. There are also many free events to check out, as well as one of the largest shopping venues around at Broadbeach’s Pacific Fair where over 300 stores, a movie theater, and food galore await!

Mt Tamborine
Once an active volcano, Mount Warning is now a pulsing place, full of life, venues, award-worthy wineries, world-class breweries, fine dinning, and so much more! All of this is set back behind the most breathtaking coastal views.

Spring brook
If waterfalls are what you’re after, look no further than Purling brook Falls and be truly amazed. Located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, there are is a lot of wildlife and other natural wonders to witness, such as the Natural Bridge which was created many years ago from water repeatedly pounding along the roof of a basalt cave—the result is something only mother nature could create, in other words it just might take your breath away. In the daytime, bring your swimsuit for a dip and at night, come prepared to creep through the local caves to see glow-worms come alive in the dark!

Lamington National Park
The Antarctic Beach, rare wildlife, 160 kilo meters of walking trails, and the Caves Circuit that offers views of the Coomera Valley are only part of the reason that Lamington National Park has gained such notoriety. In fact, here you will find one of the world’s largest subtropical rainforests.

Main Beach
Main Beach has some incredible beach side resorts such as the Palazzo Versace and the Sheraton Mirage, it is a great destination for those that like to dine out at trendy restaurants, and enjoy the finer side of life. There is everything you could want, from top-notch restaurants that require heels and suits, to beach side cafes that are more trendy than fancy in style. The food is also varied, offering international and local tastes so that everyone can find the dining experience they are seeking. If you are lucky to stay for a few days, there are a number of places you will want to check out, each one offering something new and exciting to forever remember.

Visit Gold Coast
The culture that permits Gold Coast is unique, with a trendy, yet laid-back vibe, pulsing through the place, it’s also interesting to check out the local Aboriginal culture, one that has existed in the area for a very long time. Regardless of what originally attracts you to Australia, you are sure to find a world of things you never expected to find—with so many things to do, and so many places to check out, your trip to the Gold Coast is sure to please.

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