The fun never stops in Brisbane, where a light-hearted culture makes the air a little lighter, the birds a little louder, and the stresses of everyday life seem a lot less important. Enjoy everything from local bars to trending restaurants, go out in style or enjoy a more laidback experience and dine out on the water. No matter what makes you feel at ease, Brisbane has a world of it to offer!

Fashion is a big part of Brisbane culture, meaning there are many stores full of top designers and up and coming newbies, score a great deal on some of the seasons latest trends or look for more unique pieces customized by local artists. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it in the rich shopping districts located throughout town.

It’s not just modern art that catches the eye of those loyal to Brisbane, tourists will also enjoy historical and eye opening accounts in displays such as the Afghanistan Exhibitions or at the Grass Dukes and Shepherd Kings presentation that allows you to see life unfold during the 19th century like you’ve never seen it before.

Hand in hand with art comes music, another passionate piece of Brisbane life. There is always a live music show to catch, either by an up and coming talent or from someone already well known in the performance industry.

Moreton Bay and Islands
Being that it dominates the coastal side of Brisbane, the water has a lot to offer. You can adventure down the Brisbane River at night for a romantic paddle or explore the waters by day for some fun in the sun.

Moreton Bay and surrounding Islands allow people to enjoy what is known as some of the world’s best dive spots and a number of other water activities. These sandy islands are worth more than a second glance, enjoy frolicking around on these naturally made masterpieces, all while glancing out at crystal clear, teal-blue, waters.  Depending on which of the islands you decide to go to, there are a variety of activities that are available for you participate in. Although they all offer views of migrating whales, rolling waters, and breathtaking blue beauty. Oh and did we forget to mention how delicious the food is at nearby restaurants is? Morton Bay bugs are something you simply MUST try.

Scenic Rim & Ipswich
The land morphs here at the Scenic Rim and Ipswich, allowing horses to ride along the lush grasses and never-ending trails, where rain forests pop up left and right. Escape the noise of the city and enjoy all that this more placid wing of Brisbane has to offer. Nature is so beautiful, with waterfalls and sweeping mountainsides, but to make the trip through the jungles of Brisbane even more exciting a number of attractions have been added, including the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk—a stable structure made of steel that arches over 300 meters of rainforest. Walking across the bridge offers views like no other, plus the structure itself has a clear bottom allowing you to see straight down below to the canopy of trees beneath your feet. Enjoy getting as close to flying as humans can with this awesome attraction. There is also the O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk which is a wooden bridge soaring 15 meters off the ground and stretching 180 meters long. Yet another chance for you to see the forest tree tops from a whole new angle.

Country Valleys
Tour a museum, hop in a hot air balloon, or get cozy at a local winery—all while visiting the rolling hills that make up Country Valleys. Here instead of ocean, you get the beauty of two huge lakes, which allow for some pretty awesome water sports. Plus horse riders are always pleased to travel through Esk’s hillsides. For those seeking an even bigger thrill, sky diving opportunities are plentiful, offering unbeatable views of Brisbane’s gorgeous land. If you need a break from the sun and water, or perhaps the wine, the Dayboro Art Gallery that is located in town displays local talents work, offering a nice pause from the outdoors.

All over Brisbane are art attractions, night life, fine dinning and a world of activities to indulge in. Allow us to plan your dream vacation to Brisbane Australia and you are guaranteed to get the most of your time here!

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