Brisbane – Horse Riding Trail Rides

Trail riding at Horse riding Australia

Escorted trail rides

1 hour $ 70 pp

1.5 hours $ 80 pp

2 Hours $ 90 pp


Unescorted trail rides (Advanced riders only)

1.5 hours $ 60 pp

2 Hours $ 70 pp


Other rides

Pub rides (10am- 4pm) $ 189 pp

Winery rides (10am- 4pm) $ 189 pp

Adult riding club $ 150 pp


Call today to book your next trail ride! 1300 313 520


Our trail rides take you across 3,500 acres of our own magical bush territory. Experienced riders are allowed to ride out on their own while inexperienced riders are escorted. We take all ages. We have every type of terrain imaginable from flat grassy plains to mountains for your enjoyment. This is a wonderful way of getting in touch with nature and feeling closer to these exquisite animals.

Other trail rides on offer:

  • Pub Rides (10am to 4pm) where we start from our cattle property and ride through spectacular scenery down the mountainside to the “The Crown” at Dayboro where we have lunch. After an excellent and filling meal (plus a couple of drinks) it’s back on the horses again for the climb back up the mountain to the top plateau where we continue back to the farm.
  • Winery Ride (10am to 4pm) is another enjoyable pastime where horse riding is combined with wine tasting.
 We start at our property in OceanView and ride towards OceanView Estates Winery. Here you will have the privilege to taste their award-winning wines complemented by a superb cheese board. This is wonderful way to celebrate birthdays, hens nights or just a fun activity to do with your friends.
  • Adult Riding Group alias the “Big Kid’s Club”. Come and ride with like-minded people once a week. This is a group of experienced adult riders ranging in age from their 20’s to early 60’s, who have one major thing in common, horse riding! We get together at least once on the weekend for 2 to 3 hours of riding. Once a month we organize a campfire sleep over. So if you enjoy your riding but these days do not have anyone to ride with come along and have an outing with the “Big Kid’s Club”.


The world can clutter our thoughts and bog us down; in protest give yourself the chance to unwind and relax. Riding a horse on the trails is the perfect solution to a long week full of headaches and deadlines; in fact for many it’s the only way to stay sane in this life!

Are Trail Rides Fun For Everyone—Horses Included? 
For those that have never ridden a horse there are a lot of questions commonly asked—such as, do horses enjoy being ridden on the trails, as no one wants to have an enjoyable time at the expense of a horse. Thankfully, the horses love going out on the trails just as much as us humans do—so long as their rider is gentle on their mouth and does not push them into any dangerous or uncomfortable positions, the affair is leisurely for all. A clear sign your horse is enjoying him or herself is if you hear them let out air through their nose, this is the equivalent of you or I taking a deep breath when we relax.

Another common query among beginners is whether or not horseback riding is right for them in general; anyone who personally knows a horse will agree that horses are great for everyone, the sick, the healthy, the confident, and the sad—regardless of how you feel as a person, horses will make you feel better. Nature is also known to lift moods and ease worries; therefore being out on the trails with a horse is truly therapeutic.

What Do I Need for a Safe Trail Ride? 
If you have ever ridden horses, you likely have everything you need to enjoy the trails safely. For those that have never set foot at a barn, no need to worry, there isn’t much you will need. Just wear long pants and enclosed shoes. No open toe or sandals.

Horses love nothing more than a good carrot or apple, bring some along as a reward for your four-legged friends’ hard work—trust us, after two hours of bonding out on the trails you’ll want to spoil him or her! Of course, food is not the only way to show off your appreciation, most horses enjoy being patted, hugged, and loved on as well.

Call today to book your next trail ride! 1300 313 520

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