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Riding lessons at Horse Riding Australia

1 Hour private lesson (Adults) $ 85

1 Hour private lesson (Under 18) $ 80

1/2 Hour private lesson (children only) $ 60

3 hour Sat/Sun junior riders club $ 80

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ridinglessonsBrisbaneEven though horses are great for mind, body and soul, they are not always easy to ride. In fact, a true equestrian would say you never stop learning as you go along. Every single horse will teach you something completely different so it’s also important to try a vide variety of horses as you progress.

Riding lessons are necessary for all levels of riders, from beginners to the most advanced equestrians. For beginners, it’s not safe or recommended to ride without professional help. We will help you get the most of your time on the horse without hurting yourself or the horse. Proper riding lessons are the first step to accomplishing a solid foundation, earning you the skills to remain safe and successful in the saddle. There are so many cues as to how to interact with these marvelous animals and we will teach you all the finer points about horses both on the ground and in the saddle.

Riding lessons are a great activity for kids of all ages. It will teach them to be confident and to take charge over such a large animal. We see kids confidence levels increase majorly both on the horse and in real life after mastering this skill. After the children have mastered the basic rudiments of horse riding we suggest they join the beginners Saturday Club. This is a great way to meet new friends and be social. This is also slightly cheaper if you wish your child to participate on a regular basis. You child will then share the trainer with a multiple of other riders. You wont get as much one-on-one attention in a group, but you will be able to watch other riders and learn from their mistakes.

ELessons_bris2njoy our variety of lesson packages, options, and disciplines—mix and match or stick to just one. Your background experience with horses and overall comfort in the saddle will determine the level of activity you participate in, thus ensuring your overall safety. Voice any goals or dreams you might have, and we will work hard to get you moving in the right direction!

Our lessons are conducted in either an enclosed yard or out on one of our trails depending on which the rider requires.


Our Top 3 horse riding benefits:

brisbanelesson31. Confidence Boost. No matter how old you are, riding horses will improve your self-confidence. Riding a horse is not easy, but every time you ride you will feel the improvements, as your legs become less wobbly and your rhythm more confident. As we improve at something we feel accomplished and thus our confidence increases!

2. Cardio Workout. We know the key to losing weight and getting fit includes some cardio, but a treadmill isn’t the only way to get your heart rate kicked up! While muscles are used to steer and stay on, some are surprised to learn that riding horses is also a cardio workout. What’s the best part? While getting this great work out you will hardly realize it, you’ll be too distracted by all of the fun you are having!

3. Build Responsibility. Horses are high maintenance and require regular care; caring for a horse is a lot of work, even if you don’t own one! Looking after such a large and powerful animal gives one a purpose, you can’t just forget to pick your horses’ hoofs or forget to tighten your girth before getting on, all of these little details add responsibility to ones’ plate—yet even kids don’t mind taking all of this on because the rewards are so instantaneous. Along with a great deal of watchfulness, horses also need discipline; when kids are put in the position of authority over a horse they often better understand and respect their parents’ authority over them.

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